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Summer courses

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Taking Notes

Oakley Tutors is providing summer 11+ intensive courses

July 19th to July 22nd 2022 inclusive, 9am -3pm daily 
Highgate Road Chapel - Next to Hampstead Heath

August 1st to August 3rd 2022  inclusive, 9am -2pm daily (£445)
Barnes Methodist Church - Putney

August 9th to August 12th 2022  inclusive, 9am -3pm daily
Highgate Road Chapel - Next to Hampstead Heath



The mornings will be spent going through core concepts that students need to understand for 11+ exams. The afternoons will be used to sit past papers and then review students answers. Each student will have the opportunity to have a mock interview whilst in attendance. Exam marks and interview mark will be shared with parents at the end of the week. There will two or three teachers in attendance depending on numbers subscribed.

Price - £595  

This does not include lunch. We ask students to bring a packed lunch. Separate arrangements can be made if students would like to order lunch in.

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