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11 Plus Tuition in Oxford

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Nestled in the heart of England, Oxford is a renowned city steeped in rich history and academic excellence. Best known for its prestigious university, the University of Oxford, the city boasts an intellectual atmosphere that pervades its cobblestone streets and ancient buildings. The university is made up of numerous distinguished colleges, with esteemed names such as Christ Church, Magdalen, and All Souls, each with their own unique charm and architectural brilliance. Visitors to Oxford can explore these iconic colleges, marveling at their stunning spires, Gothic towers, and meticulously manicured gardens. Beyond the university, Oxford offers a multitude of cultural and historical attractions, including the famous Bodleian Library, the Radcliffe Camera, and the Sheldonian Theatre. The Ashmolean Museum, Britain's oldest public museum, houses an awe-inspiring collection of art and artifacts spanning centuries. Additionally, the city offers a vibrant shopping scene, with bustling markets, high street stores, and independent boutiques. Whether you come to immerse yourself in centuries-old hallways of learning, soak in the city's architectural splendor, or explore its cultural treasures, one thing is certain: Oxford is a captivating destination that will leave a lasting impression on every visitor.



Prices for in person tutoring starts at £72 p/h (including VAT). 

Subjects on offer in Oxford & surrounding area.


All 11+ tuition and 13+ tuition. This includes English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal.


Maths tuition up to and including A Level.

English tuition up to and including A Level.

Biology up to and including A Level.

Classics, Latin and Ancient Greek up to and including A Level.

History up to and including A Level.

Sociology up to and including A Level.
University Applications 

John Cairns



Biochemistry - University of York

PGCE - University of Nottingham


John has a passion for communicating the complexities of science simply and coherently.


John started his teaching career in Oxford where he taught at two secondary schools for over ten years.  John has taught all secondary age groups and covered all the major exam boards. John teaches all Sciences at KS3, Biology and Chemistry to GCSE, and A-level Biology. 


John is a firm believer in developing student understanding, rather than just learning facts by rote and he is confident that he can explain most things to most people. Even after years of teaching he still enjoys those moments when a student understands something properly for the first time.

Oxford Tutor


Classics, English, Latin and Ancient Greek

Double First from The University of Oxford


Zac just graduated from Christ Church, Oxford with a Congratulatory Double First Class degree in Classics, coming first in my year; He is set to commence the BPhil in Philosophy this October. Thriving in the collaborative atmosphere of the tutorial system has made him passionate about sharing this kind of experience with my own students and nurturing their interest in a subject rather than just encouraging rote learning.

He tries to connect what he is teaching with the 'big picture' so that even the minutiae of grammar can become exciting! Over the past 5 years he has helped students with scholarship (Winchester and Eton) and Oxbridge (one Oxford, one Cambridge, both successful), admissions as well as working towards the major public exams.

Oxford English


University Applications, English Language and Literature

 English - The University of Oxford


Ciana is an experienced tutor who particularly enjoys helping a student future their individual interests. She is in her third year of study at Christ Church, Oxford reading English Language and Literature. Due to the nature of her degree, her academic interest and knowledge within English spans from Anglo-Saxon literature to the modernists and beyond.


She specialises in Oxbridge application tutoring for English; helping with ELAT, providing interview practice and personalised reading lists. As a result, 5 candidates tutored so far have successfully gained a place. She has also tutored 11+ English, GCSE English, English as a second language and A-Level English.

Online English Tutor


English and History

History - University of Oxford

Ellen is in her third year of study at the University of Oxford, reading History (BA Hons). Prior to attending Oxford, Ellen achieved A*AAA in A-Level Art, Biology, History and Politics respectively. Ellen is an enthusiastic, reliable, and thoughtful tutor who enjoys helping students progress and develop their academic and extra-curricular goals.


Ellen is an experienced English tutor, working with students at KS3, GCSE and A-Level standard. Ellen has a particularly thorough grasp of examination specificities and mark scheme interpretations. She always tailors her approach to each student and finds that taking students through the exam board syllabus in tandem with their schoolwork schedule really helps to place examination specificities at the heart of each student's subject knowledge.


Ellen also mentors student Oxbridge applications, assisting students in passing their HAT examination and preparing a standout personal statement. As a current Oxford student Ellen is well positioned to offer unique application insights and general course information. As an art scholar Ellen can also help students maximise their creative endeavours.

Maths Tutor Oxford


Maths and Sciences

 Engineering Science (MEng)  - University of Oxford

Brittany is a current fourth-year student at the University of Oxford, pursuing a Master's degree in Engineering Science (MEng). Her academic journey has been marked by A* grades in Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and Further Maths at A-levels, as well as a set of all 9s in her GCSEs, which include Triple Science and Further Maths. Brittany's dedication, hard work, and exceptional academic record are testament to her commitment to excellence. 


Brittany is not only a proficient learner but also an enthusiastic educator. Her passion for teaching is complimented by her patience with students, making her an ideal mentor. She has vast tutoring experience and is comfortable working with a wide range of age groups, and has successfully guided students preparing for the 11+ and various entrance exams, even those whose first language is not English. 


In addition, Brittany has also served as a GCSE and A-level tutor. She plans each lesson, tailoring her teaching methods to the unique needs of each student. Her commitment extends beyond the classroom as she provides her students with practice questions to reinforce their learning. Brittany's primary focus is ensuring her students acquire a comprehensive understanding of their course materials, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for independent success. 


Brittany's combination of academic excellence, teaching experience, and individualized instruction makes her an invaluable asset to any student looking to excel in their studies.



History, Politics and Sociology

History (PHD)  - King's College London

Neil has a PhD from King’s College London and has been a full-time tutor since 2014.  He teaches History, Politics and Sociology, working primarily with A level and GCSE students.  His knowledge and experience allow him to tailor tutorials to meet the individual needs of students, so enabling their success.  Neil is passionate about learning.   

MCAT Tutor_


Biology, UCAT and MCAT

Medicine  - University of Oxford

Vith currently studies medicine at the University of Oxford, having done his first three years at Pembroke College and is now doing his final three years at Green Templeton College. For A-levels, he studied Maths (A*), Biology (A*) and Chemistry (A). 


Teaching is something that Vith has genuinely enjoyed over the past few years. His experience includes tutoring for the ‘OxfordHub’ where he volunteered to tutor pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds within the local Oxford Area. More recently, Vith has tutored year 7-13 pupils in Biology, specifically preparing them for their summer examinations. 

On top of this, he has also guided several students through their medical school applications. This has involved conducting personal statement writing workshops, sessions on the UCAT and BMAT, as well as giving mock interviews (geared not just towards Oxbridge but other medical schools as well).

What Vith finds particularly rewarding about tutoring is witnessing first-hand the positive impact a tutor can have on a student. Through several years of revision for his GCSEs, A-levels and now University exams, he believes he is able to share some useful advice and techniques enabling students to excel academically. 

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