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Oakley Tutors are exceptionally well-suited to help with music tuition, particularly in the areas of singing, piano, and guitar lessons. Our tutors have a wealth of experience and expertise in these instruments which makes them ideal for guiding students through their musical journey.
When it comes to singing lessons, Oakley Tutors can provide valuable vocal coaching to help students improve their technique, build confidence, and develop their unique voice. Our tutors have a deep understanding of vocal anatomy and are skilled in teaching students how to properly use their breath, project their voice, and overcome any vocal challenges they may face. They also have a strong background in music theory and can help students comprehend the complexities of melody, harmony, and rhythm that are essential for successful singing. With their guidance, students can not only enhance their singing abilities but also gain a greater appreciation for the beauty of music.
Similarly, Oakley Tutors are well-equipped to teach piano lessons. With their extensive knowledge of piano technique and music theory, they can help students learn proper fingering, hand and posture positioning, and develop a strong foundation for mastering the instrument. Our tutors have experience working with students of all ages and skill levels, and they can tailor their lessons to meet the specific needs and preferences of each individual. Whether students are beginners or more advanced pianists, our tutors can provide personalized instruction to help them grow and unlock their full potential.
Lastly, our tutors excel at guitar lessons. They are skilled in teaching various styles of playing, from classical to rock, and can help students learn essential guitar techniques, such as fingerpicking, strumming, and chord progressions. Our tutors can also help students understand music theory as it relates to the guitar, enabling them to read sheet music or play by ear. With their patient guidance and encouragement, students can build a solid foundation in guitar playing and become confident musicians.
In summary, Oakley Tutors are highly qualified to provide music tuition in singing, piano, and guitar. Their extensive experience, expertise, and tailored approach make them well-suited to help students develop their musical skills and achieve their goals.


Music Lead


Hispanic Studies – University of Warwick

Caitlin has first hand of performing musically. She sings to a diploma level and has much experience teaching singing. Along with her colleagues at Oakley Tutors, she can help you improve musically. We have great piano and guitar tutors who can teach in person, depending on your location, and online.


Aside from singing, Caitlin is a passionate linguist who loves engaging with language and loves to share this passion with others.

She studied a wide variety of topics relating to the Hispanic world, including literature, politics, history and, primarily, language, all of which are relevant for GCSE and A-level Spanish and Latin. Caitlin also has experience teaching English and singing. She truly is a talented linguist whom you can trust as your tutor.

She has basic knowledge of other European languages, such as Italian and Ancient Greek, as well as Latin up to A-level standard, she believes, has been foundational in her understanding of language today.

Sessions will be offered for all stages of English, Latin and Spanish up to A-level, as well as singing . Caitlin wants to equip students with tools and techniques to assist them in their informal assessments, give them a deeper understanding of the rules and application of grammar, and to encourage students along the way that they are capable! She has a track record of assisting students to achieve higher than predicted grades and results in 11plus exams.

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