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Prices and Subjects

Oakley Tutors is the premier provider of private tutoring services, both in-person and online  We offer a wide range of services, including 1 to 1 learning, Summer 11+ intensive courses, all 11+ tuition and 13+ tuition GCSE & A level lessons, Private Tutors, Homeschooling, School entrance process assistance, and University application advice. Our services are available in various locations, including London, Hampstead, Putney, Tavistock, Oxford and West Devon.  Choose Oakley Tutors for the best private tutoring experience.



Fulham, located in Southwest London, is a picturesque and vibrant area that offers a delightful blend of natural beauty, historical charm, and modern amenities. Situated along the banks of the River Thames, Fulham is particularly renowned for its idyllic riverside views and scenic walks. The area is dotted with charming pubs, stylish cafes, and boutique shops, creating a lively atmosphere that attracts locals and visitors alike. Fulham is also famous for its rowing heritage and hosts the annual Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, drawing large crowds of spectators during this exciting event. Additionally, Fulham offers excellent transport links, with train and tube stations ensuring easy connectivity to other areas of London. With its combination of natural beauty, rich history, and modern conveniences, Fulham is a captivating neighbourhood that captures the essence of London living.



Prices for in person tutoring starts at £72 p/h (including VAT). 

Subjects on offer in Fulham & Surrounding Area


All 11+ tuition and 13+ tuition. This includes English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal.

Maths tuition up to and including KS3.

English tuition up to and including A Level.

History tuition up to and including A Level.

French and Spanish up to and including A Level.

Politics up to and including A Level.

Piano up to and including Grade 8.

English Tutor London


Politics, Maths, English and Piano

Politics - University of Newcastle

Teach First - London


William is an experienced tutor who loves seeing students flourish.


Having graduated in 2013 from Newcastle University, he spent time working for a London based charity for two years. Williams' experience working with a youth group in Fulham has enabled him to work with young people successfully, he is very able in helping students to grow as individuals. 


William is an experienced musician who performs regularly and has achieved regular success across multiple instruments. 


He also can teach Politics (degree level), Maths & English (GCSE and below), basic French, Music (all levels) and Squash. William is incredibly reliable, encouraging, enthusiastic and gets great results when working in any context. 

11Plus English


English & Maths

 English and Philosophy - Durham

MA Philosophy - Kings College London


Henry is a passionate educator who has combined his experiences and knowledge from both his academic studies and his time in sport, playing and coaching tennis to a professional level. He has developed a comprehensive programme for teaching English up to and including GCSE level.


His lessons integrate work on teaching his students the key concepts required for proficiency at comprehension and writing (description, inference, genre, planning) with developing the functional skills (vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and word processing) in an engaging and diverse programme. Henry's communication and relationship with his students is always highly empathetic and based on helping the children and motivating them to take ownership of their studies. He is resilient and hopes to pass on his resilience to his pupils.

We are always on the look out for talented tutors so get in touch...

Online History Teacher


English, French, Spanish and History

 Philosophy -  University of Bristol

Thomas is a devoted multilingual tutor with a profound appreciation for the world of languages, humanities, and literature. He is a  fluent speaker of English, Spanish, and French, a passion cultivated through living in countries such as Spain, France, Colombia, and Mexico.


Thomas has exceptional essay writing skills, a talent he strives to share with his students, whether they are crafting English Literature essays or delving into the complexities of analytical and technical philosophical pieces. With several years of tutoring experience, Thomas has consistently achieved remarkable results with students across diverse academic levels from primary school English to,11+ and language GCSE exams. He can also provide guidance for verbal and non-verbal reasoning exams. Thomas' approach not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates students' confidence and creates an encouraging, conducive learning environment in order for his students to flourish.


Thomas's outstanding multilingual abilities, solid academic background, and wealth of teaching experience, as well as having worked with youth regularly from his previous summer camp business, render him a very effective educator. His genuine enthusiasm for helping students excel in their chosen subjects, alongside his unwavering support and knowledge-sharing, make him the ideal partner on your educational journey. Join Thomas as you work together to unlock your full academic potential.

Chelsea & Fulham Tutor


7 Plus,11 Plus & A Level

English & Philosophy - University of Birmingham

PGCE - Middlesex University


Sophie is a qualified teacher (PGCE) and patient and encouraging tutor,

with over 9 years of teaching experience. She has helped students pass

entry exams for competitive secondary schools including Westminster

and St Paul’s. She also has experience tutoring English and Religious

Studies GCSE and A-Level. Helping students achieve As and A*s and has

helped struggling students achieve their personal goals.

Sophie studied English and Philosophy at the University of Birmingham,

then completed her PGCE at the University of Middlesex. Her areas of

expertise lie in 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+ Maths and English, and GCSE and A-

level English and Religious Studies (including Philosophy and Ethics).

Sophie has experience with all the major examining boards, has a calm

approach and tailors her lessons directly to the needs of her students.

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