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Medical School Applications

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Medical School Applications


Oakley Tutors is exceptionally well positioned to assist students with the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) and MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) entry exams due to their expertise and comprehensive approach. With highly qualified tutors who are experts in these exams, Oakley Tutors ensures that students are provided with the guidance and knowledge needed to excel.


Firstly, Oakley Tutors hires tutors who have a deep understanding of the UCAT and MCAT exams. These tutors have gone through rigorous selection processes and have achieved top scores in these exams themselves. Their expertise allows them to not only teach students the necessary skills and strategies to tackle these tests, but also to provide valuable insider insights and tips that can greatly enhance the students' chances of success.


Secondly, Oakley Tutors offers a comprehensive approach to UCAT and MCAT entry preparation. They design their study programs based on the specific needs and goals of each student, ensuring that they cover all the relevant sections and topics of the exams. Students are provided with access to a wide range of study materials and resources, including practice questions, mock exams, and personalized feedback, allowing them to build their skills and confidence over time.


Overall, Oakley Tutors' expertise in UCAT and MCAT, along with their comprehensive approach to preparation, make them an ideal choice for students seeking guidance and support to excel in these exams. Whether it's understanding the nuances of each section or mastering the strategies for time management, Oakley Tutors is well equipped to help students achieve their goals and secure their place in their desired medical programs.

UCAT tutor

Medical School Entrance Lead


Biomedical Science BSc - University of Brighton

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Upcoming - Brighton & Sussex Medical School


Keerthy is currently a postgraduate in her 3rd year of medical studies at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. Her academic awards include: overall year 1 distinction award, Junior Research Associate Award, JRA People’s Choice Award 2023 and was selected to present at a national conference - Early Career Anatomist Conference 2023. She desires to progress to a surgical career whilst pursuing medical research and education.


Assisted by her talented colleagues at Oakley Tutors, Keerthy can help you get into your Medical & Dental school of choice. At Oakley Tutors, we have medical students who are very experienced in tutoring and who appreciate the academic rigour required for successful admission into medical and dental school.  After receiving an unconditional offer into medical school, Keerthy has first hand experience of the requirements and the level of quality needed for a successful applicant. She has had the privilege to help many applicants excel in entrance exams and interviews.  We offer the following services for the entrance journey; personal statement write ups, UCAT entrance exam, interviews skills and mock interviews for our students.


We are experienced in helping Year 12/13 students as well as post graduates who aspire to pursue medicine or dentistry. We also offer an additional service for work experience guidance and support in applications into the NHS and Private Healthcare. This is targeted at students who lack sufficient work experience as this is highly recommendable for medical and dental applications (particularly for personal statement and interviews). Keerthy’s experience in both clinical and non-clinical paid roles in the NHS, is of great benefit when aiding applicants. Keerthy adopts a teaching approach that involves collaborating with students to recognise transferable skills gained from diverse experiences, aligning with the preferences of medical and dental schools. She enjoys having the privilege of contributing to a student's academic journey and witnessing their progress from the initial lesson to the final one.


Her teaching style includes encouraging students to enjoy the subject they learn and help them to understand the content, providing real life application rather than memorising. This style of teaching has proven effective as Keerthy has successfully facilitated numerous students in their academic journeys from entry into Grammar Schools, excelling in GCSEs and A-Levels as well as successful Medical School entries.

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