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Playing Piano

'I understand!' are the words we live for.
We all started our journey into education because making a difference in our students lives is rewarding. Some of our team work as full time tutors, whilst others are teachers or students who tutor part time.
We understand the importance and challenges that children face in the education system, and we are passionate about seeing all our students reach the goals they desire.  Their success is our success. 

Introducing the Oakley Tutors' team...

Online Science Tutor



BSc Biomedical Science - London Metropolitan University

MA Science Education - Kings College London

PGCE - Canterbury Christ Church University


 Elliott is a vastly experienced GCSE Science Teacher, having been a teacher for over a decade and a tutor for the last 6 years. Elliott trained to teach via Teah First in 2013 at a comprehensive school in South London. This academic year, Elliott went part-time in his role as the Head of Science at an independent school in order to devote more time to tutoring.

Elliott is passionate about getting pupils to retain what they learn as this leads to a greater love of science and ultimately an ability to apply their knowledge to complex exam problems. This passion has led to Elliott becoming somewhat of an expert on revision techniques and he incorporates these into his lessons. As a result, Elliott's students always make great progress! Elliott also likes to reach a wider audience by posting GCSE Science videos on TikTok to his following of over 55,000

Common Entrance Tutor


Common Entrance Expert

Politics and History of Architecture - Newcastle University


Dominic has a 100% pass rate on common entrance over a 6 year period.  Educated at Eton College, Dominic has first hand experience of the requirements for England’s most prestigious schools.


Dominic feels extremely privileged to have the opportunity to sculpt and help both a child's academic journey and, of equal importance, their walk through the bumps and bends of childhood and all things extra-curricular. These are different ingredients which complement each other tremendously. 


Dominic is good with children and he loves working with families. Dominic is very experienced at preparing children for exams and making the “dreaded revision” both fun and effective. Dominic’s is a very competent sportsman and skillful artist, believing that non-academic responsibilities can have a large positive impact on academic endeavours. 

Oxford Tutor


Classics, English, Latin and Ancient Greek

Double First from The University of Oxford


Zac just graduated from Christ Church, Oxford with a Congratulatory Double First Class degree in Classics, coming first in his year; He is set to commence the BPhil in Philosophy this October. Thriving in the collaborative atmosphere of the tutorial system has made him passionate about sharing this kind of experience with my own students and nurturing their interest in a subject rather than just encouraging rote learning.

He tries to connect what he is teaching with the 'big picture' so that even the minutiae of grammar can become exciting! Over the past 5 years he has helped students with scholarship (Winchester and Eton) and Oxbridge (one Oxford, one Cambridge, both successful), admissions as well as working towards the major public exams.

11Plus English


English & Maths

 English and Philosophy - Durham

MA Philosophy - Kings College London


Henry is a passionate educator who has combined his experiences and knowledge from both his academic studies and his time in sport, playing and coaching tennis to a professional level. He has developed a comprehensive programme for teaching English 11Plus and 13Plus. Henry has much experience preparing students for 11plus exams and he has seen many of his tutees get into their desired school. These schools include: Highgate, Westminster and St Paul's.


His lessons integrate work on teaching his students the key concepts required for proficiency at comprehension and writing (description, inference, genre, planning) with developing the functional skills (vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and word processing) in an engaging and diverse programme. Henry's communication and relationship with his students is always highly empathetic and based on helping the children and motivating them to take ownership of their studies. He is resilient and hopes to pass on his resilience to his pupils.

Mr  MuntazirDatoo.



Human Biology and Statistics - University of Hertfordshire

PGCE - University of London

Monty has been a Senior Leader / Teacher in various schools with over twenty years of experience in leading educational establishments (IB and British curricula).


He is an active Council of International Schools Evaluator helping schools all over the world achieve their varied accreditation goals. He uses his experience in education to partake quality learning programs suited to the needs of students in a rapidly changing global environment.


After a rewarding career in international education, he has returned back to the UK hoping to use his experience and skills to enhance student learning and enrich their educational journey.

School Entrance Consultant


Independent School Consultant

MEd in Educational Leadership

PGCE - University of Buckingham

One of the key services provided by Oakley Tutors is interview preparation. Andrew Monk understands the importance of interviews in admission decisions and has extensive experience in coaching students to excel in this crucial aspect. Through mock interviews and personalised feedback, students can gain confidence, learn effective interview techniques, and master the art of presenting themselves in the best light to impress admission panels.


Apart from interview prep, Oakley Tutors assists with school visits. Andrew Monk understands the significance of school visits in assessing a school's culture, atmosphere, and suitability for each student. With his expertise, students and parents can make the most of their visits by asking the right questions, interacting with current students and staff, and developing a clear understanding of the school's academic and extracurricular offerings.

London Tutor


Maths, English, French and Philosophy

Maths and Philosophy – Warwick University

Anna is an experienced tutor, passionate about making her students reach their full potential. After having graduated from the University of Warwick in Maths and Philosophy with a first-class degree, she is now doing a Master’s in Cognitive Sciences. Her areas of research include child development and educational psychology. As a bilingual French-English native, Anna has taught both English and French for beginners as well as advanced students. She has also tutored Maths at a high level. She strives to make learning fun and engaging, while challenging students to help them reach their goals. For Anna, it is essential to help students stay motivated, enthusiastic, but also develop a work ethic that will benefit them all their life!

Maths Tutor Oxford


Maths and Sciences

 Engineering Science (MEng)  - University of Oxford

Brittany is a current fourth-year student at the University of Oxford, pursuing a Master's degree in Engineering Science (MEng). Her academic journey has been marked by A* grades in Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and Further Maths at A-levels, as well as a set of all 9s in her GCSEs, which include Triple Science and Further Maths. Brittany's dedication, hard work, and exceptional academic record are testament to her commitment to excellence. 


Brittany is not only a proficient learner but also an enthusiastic educator. Her passion for teaching is complimented by her patience with students, making her an ideal mentor. She has vast tutoring experience and is comfortable working with a wide range of age groups, and has successfully guided students preparing for the 11+ and various entrance exams, even those whose first language is not English. 

 In addition, Brittany has also served as a GCSE and A-level tutor. 


Brittany's combination of academic excellence, teaching experience, and individualized instruction makes her an invaluable asset to any student looking to excel in their studies.


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All Subjects

 Degree Level, DBS and experienced

Oakley Tutors offers a rewarding opportunity for tutors to make a significant impact in the lives of students. By joining our team, tutors gain a platform to share their knowledge and expertise with a wide audience, helping students overcome their academic challenges. Our commitment to  education allows tutors to reach students to help make a real difference in their learning journey.


At Oakley Tutors, we value the dedication and passion of our tutors. We provide them with a supportive and collaborative environment where they can thrive professionally. Tutors have the freedom to create engaging and interactive educational content, tailoring it to suit the needs of the diverse student community. Joining Oakley Tutors means becoming part of a dynamic team of educators, committed to excellence and empowering students through quality education.

Oakley Tutors is the premier provider of private tutoring services, both in-person and online  We offer a wide range of services, including 1 to 1 learning, Summer 11+ intensive courses, all 11+ tuition and 13+ tuition GCSE & A level lessons, Private Tutors, Homeschooling, School entrance process assistance, and University application advice. Our services are available in various locations, including London, Hampstead, Putney, Tavistock, Oxford and West Devon.  Choose Oakley Tutors for the best private tutoring experience.


Maths and English

Mathematics - University of Swansea

PGCE - University of Exeter


Joshua is passionate about education.  While tutoring in his spare time as a full-time Maths teacher, Joshua observed the difference that tutoring makes with progress not possible in the classroom. 

Following teaching in the private and public education system, Joshua founded Oakley Tutors to further focus on tutoring.  He primarily teaches mathematics but also can teach English up to KS2.


He has a proven track record of helping students with school entrance examinations and with many areas of the national curriculum.


Joshua enjoys crafting lessons that are enjoyable, challenging and ultimately lead to students growing in their understanding of the subject.

Oakley Tutors is the premier provider of private tutoring services, both in-person and online  We offer a wide range of services, including 1 to 1 learning, Summer 11+ intensive courses, all 11+ tuition and 13+ tuition GCSE & A level lessons, Private Tutors, Homeschooling, School entrance process assistance, and University application advice. Our services are available in various locations, including London, Hampstead, Putney, Tavistock, Oxford and West Devon.  Choose Oakley Tutors for the best private tutoring experience.


Business and Economics

Economics – Kings College

Rengoni is a highly skilled and motivated tutor. Rengoni has a strong academic track record, both personally and for her students. She has taught a range of subjects but she really specialises in Economics and Business studies up to and including A-level.

Rengoni has been involved in homeschooling projects and has even assisted other practitioners develop their subject knowledge. 


She wants to equip students with tools and techniques to assist them in their formal assessments, give them a deeper understanding of the rules and application of systems, and to encourage students along the way that they are capable! She has a track record of assisting students to achieve higher than predicted grades.

Oxford English Tutor


University Applications, English Language and Literature

 English - The University of Oxford


Ciana is an experienced tutor who particularly enjoys helping a student future their individual interests. She is in her third year of study at Christ Church, Oxford reading English Language and Literature. Due to the nature of her degree, her academic interest and knowledge within English spans from Anglo-Saxon literature to the modernists and beyond.


She specialises in Oxbridge application tutoring for English; helping with ELAT, providing interview practice and personalised reading lists. As a result, 5 candidates tutored so far have successfully gained a place. She has also tutored 11+ English, GCSE English, English as a second language and A-Level English.

English Tutor London.


Politics, Maths, English and Piano

Politics - University of Newcastle

Teach First - London


William is an experienced tutor who loves seeing students flourish.


Having graduated in 2013 from Newcastle University, he spent time working for a London based charity for two years. Williams' experience working with a youth group in Fulham has enabled him to work with young people successfully, he is very able in helping students to grow as individuals. 


William is an experienced musician who performs regularly and has achieved regular success across multiple instruments. 


He also can teach Politics (degree level), Maths & English (GCSE and below), basic French, Music (all levels) and Squash. William is incredibly reliable, encouraging, enthusiastic and gets great results when working in any context. 

Philosophy and Ethics Tutor


Maths, Philosophy & Ethics

PGCE - University of Plymouth


Dale has been teaching for over 30 years for all ages, and he now resides as a resident chaplain and teacher at a private school.


Dale has marked for all the examination boards but most of his work has been for OCR where he marks the A2 level ethics paper. He has tutored privately for both GCSE and A level with good success. Dale's experience of teaching and knowledge of what examination boards expect at both GCSE and A level make him well versed in what students need to understand. 


Essay writing is one of the biggest requirements in exams and Dale looks to aid his students to master the writing techniques needed to excel. Not only that, he thoroughly enjoys passing on his enthusiasm to his students.

Oakley Tutors is the premier provider of private tutoring services, both in-person and online  We offer a wide range of services, including 1 to 1 learning, Summer 11+ intensive courses, all 11+ tuition and 13+ tuition GCSE & A level lessons, Private Tutors, Homeschooling, School entrance process assistance, and University application advice. Our services are available in various locations, including London, Hampstead, Putney, Tavistock, Oxford and West Devon.  Choose Oakley Tutors for the best private tutoring experience.



 Maths and Statistics - Open University

Daniel is a tutor with 3 years of experience, tutoring students from year 5 to year 13. Whilst studying he became a tutor at Connie Rothman Learning Trust, where he saw the impact his tutoring had on students, their confidence, their ability to learn, and their pass rate.


He has experience as a recent student, which he applies alongside his knowledge of "Learning to Learn" (Barbara Oakley) to create effective, memorable lessons, and gives his students the ability to study methodically, efficiently, and in a way that favours grades, above stress. He also runs a popular social media channel where he gives exam tips.


He primarily tutors maths at GCSE and A level but has experience in the 11+ and early primary school.


Dan believes that learning should not come at the expense of mental health, stress, or time, cultivating a sense of lifelong learning where every lesson, every task, every homework and every message, is tailored to the individual students' needs. On top of 1to1 tuition, he offers  marking, feedback, and more.

Oakley Tutors is the premier provider of private tutoring services, both in-person and online  We offer a wide range of services, including 1 to 1 learning, Summer 11+ intensive courses, all 11+ tuition and 13+ tuition GCSE & A level lessons, Private Tutors, Homeschooling, School entrance process assistance, and University application advice. Our services are available in various locations, including London, Hampstead, Putney, Tavistock, Oxford and West Devon.  Choose Oakley Tutors for the best private tutoring experience.


English and French

Master’s in English Literature - Oxford University 

BA in English Literature and French - Oxford University

Julia has over 14 years experience tutoring students in a wide variety of contexts. With a First Class undergraduate degree in English and French and a Master’s with Distinction from Oxford University, she is passionate about imparting a genuine love of learning to her students. 


She is knowledgeable and experienced in helping students across a wide spectrum of ages and ability ranges. She also loves working with the academically gifted and providing a context in which they can be safely stretched and allowed to ‘colour outside the lines’. 


Her tutoring approach is highly bespoke, encouraging overall mental and emotional development alongside immediate academic success. Her track record of helping students to achieve excellence in her exams is outstanding and she has also developed highly rewarding longstanding rapports with many of her students. 


Outside of tutoring, Julia loves writing (mainly novel-writing and poetry), community work, international travel, painting, piano and anything remotely outdoorsy! 

art tutor


Illustrations & Art



Lucia is a practicing artist and illustrator and experienced tutor. As an illustrator she has worked for the likes of TATE and The Washington Post, and she has run creative workshops at The Design Museum, Young V&A and more. She also teaches illustration courses at City Lit, and is the author and illustrator of The Looking Book - a non fiction children’s book about seeing the world like an artist.


Lucia believes creating art is extremely beneficial for encouraging creative thinking, problem solving, motor skills and mental well being. She is a friendly and enthusiastic tutor who enjoys crafting lessons that are unique to each learner’s interests, whilst also covering the fundamental skills needed to excel as an artist. Lucia is also knowledgeable about the variety of jobs in the creative industry, and the university admissions process for art subjects. 



Online Spanish Tutor


Spanish and English

Spanish with TESOL – University of Central Lancashire

Bethany is an enthusiastic individual, passionate about people, communication and language. She relishes passing on her knowledge to help others achieve their educational and social linguistic goals.

During the time she lived in Madrid, Bethany helped educate a number of pupils ranging from two year old children learning the basics of the English language, to teenagers facing exams in the school system, as well as adults who desired a more niche approach developing their business and social linguistic capabilities. Since returning to the UK, Bethany has enjoyed supporting pupils in their journey of developing their Spanish and English reading, writing and speaking skills. Having taught students in both groups and one to one, Bethany comprehends the importance of understanding what each individual seeks and requires to achieve their objectives.

This wealth of experience in teaching both Spanish and English to a wide range of ages and for a number of varying purposes, contributed to Bethany graduating with a first class degree in Spanish with TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the University of Central Lancashire. She believes education should be enjoyable and accessible to all, which is reflective of her teaching style. 

Online English Tutor


English and History

History - University of Oxford

Ellen is in her third year of study at the University of Oxford, reading History (BA Hons). Prior to attending Oxford, Ellen achieved A*AAA in A-Level Art, Biology, History and Politics respectively. Ellen is an enthusiastic, reliable, and thoughtful tutor who enjoys helping students progress and develop their academic and extra-curricular goals.


Ellen is an experienced English tutor, working with students at KS3, GCSE and A-Level standard. Ellen has a particularly thorough grasp of examination specificities and mark scheme interpretations. She always tailors her approach to each student and finds that taking students through the exam board syllabus in tandem with their schoolwork schedule really helps to place examination specificities at the heart of each student's subject knowledge.


Ellen also mentors student Oxbridge applications, assisting students in passing their HAT examination and preparing a standout personal statement. As a current Oxford student Ellen is well positioned to offer unique application insights and general course information. As an art scholar Ellen can also help students maximise their creative endeavours.

Maths Tutor



 Maths  - UCL

Rosa is a passionate and experienced tutor dedicated to equipping students with the knowledge and self-confidence to succeed academically. Currently in her third year studying Mathematics at UCL, Rosa consistently performs well academically, and has an excellent grasp of mathematical concepts and principles.


With tutoring experience ranging from Key Stage 2 to 5, Rosa specialises in guiding students through GCSE and A Level Mathematics. Her approach centres on assisting students in breaking down complex problems into manageable steps that they have the skills to solve.


Rosa appreciates the impact that just one hour of private tutoring can have on a student's progress and seeing her student’s confidence rise each week fuels her dedication to their academic growth.

1to1 tutor London


English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and NonVerbal Reasoning

 PGCE - University of Westminster

Highly committed tutor with previous teaching experience in primary and secondary schools.  Full time tutoring since 2008. I have a proven track record of supporting children to gain access to their chosen prep and senior schools including Westminster Under school, St Paul's, Dulwich and Eton, amongst many others.


I am able to quickly establish rapport with students and work towards achieving progress in areas they encounter most difficulty. I am sensitive to range of needs and differentiate accordingly, ensuring the learning activities suit the individual student. I believe in empowering students so they are equipped with a set of tools to use for the rest of their life and to continue learning myself to become a better tutor.

Online English Tutor


English, French, Spanish and History

 Philosophy -  University of Bristol

Thomas is a devoted multilingual tutor with a profound appreciation for the world of languages, humanities, and literature. He is a  fluent speaker of English, Spanish, and French, a passion cultivated through living in countries such as Spain, France, Colombia, and Mexico.


Armed with a Philosophy degree from the distinguished University of Bristol, Thomas is not only well-versed in the intricacies of Philosophy but also proficient in Religious Studies and Ethics. Furthermore, his successful completion of the International Baccalaureate program has fortified his expertise in History and Geography, enabling him to guide students up to a GCSE level with confidence.


With several years of tutoring experience, Thomas has consistently achieved remarkable results with students across diverse academic levels from primary school English to, 11+ and language GCSE exams. He can also provide guidance for verbal and non-verbal reasoning exams. Thomas' approach not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates students' confidence and creates an encouraging, conducive learning environment in order for his students to flourish.


Thomas's outstanding multilingual abilities, solid academic background, and wealth of teaching experience, as well as having worked with youth regularly from his previous summer camp business, render him a very effective educator. His genuine enthusiasm for helping students excel in their chosen subjects, alongside his unwavering support and knowledge-sharing, make him the ideal partner on your educational journey. Join Thomas as you work together to unlock your full academic potential.



History, Politics and Sociology

History (PHD)  - King's College London

Neil has a PhD from King’s College London and has been a full-time tutor since 2014.  He teaches History, Politics and Sociology, working primarily with A level and GCSE students.  His knowledge and experience allow him to tailor tutorials to meet the individual needs of students, so enabling their success.  Neil is passionate about learning.   

John Cairns



Biochemistry - University of York

PGCE - University of Nottingham


John has a passion for communicating the complexities of science simply and coherently.


John started his teaching career in Oxford where he taught at two secondary schools for over ten years.  John has taught all secondary age groups and covered all the major exam boards. John teaches all Sciences at KS3, Biology and Chemistry to GCSE, and A-level Biology. 


John is a firm believer in developing student understanding, rather than just learning facts by rote and he is confident that he can explain most things to most people. Even after years of teaching he still enjoys those moments when a student understands something properly for the first time.

Medicine Tutor.


Biology, Chemistry and Maths

Medicine - University of Cardiff

Vera is a fourth-year medical student at Cardiff University with over four years of experience in tutoring. She has delivered high-level teaching on various platforms, including Oxford Royale Academy, Oxford University, where she was selected to teach international students in a summer school programme. 


As someone who defied the odds by achieving A's and A*'s in GCSEs (contrary to her predicted grades); Vera believes that hard work can change anyone's academic story and encourages her students to do the same.


Her relatable nature and patient-approach to teaching helps her students improve dramatically. Book lessons with her today.

UCAT tutor


Biology & UCAT

Biomedical Science BSc - University of Brighton

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Upcoming - Brighton & Sussex Medical School


Keerthy is currently a postgraduate in her 3rd year of medical studies at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. Her academic awards include: overall year 1 distinction award, Junior Research Associate Award, JRA People’s Choice Award 2023 and was selected to present at a national conference - Early Career Anatomist Conference 2023. She desires to progress to a surgical career whilst pursuing medical research and education.


She is a versatile, charismatic, and well-organised individual who enjoys teaching and helping students. Keerthy is very experienced in tutoring 11+ Maths, all Sciences and Maths at KS3, Biology, Chemistry and Maths GCSE, A-level Biology and Medical school entry applications.


Her teaching style includes encouraging students to enjoy the subject they learn and help them to understand the content, providing real life application rather than memorising. This style of teaching has proven effective as Keerthy has successfully facilitated numerous students in their academic journeys from entry into Grammar Schools, excelling in GCSEs and A-Levels as well as successful Medical School entries.

Online Geography Tutor



Ecology - Guildhall University

PGCE - University of Southampton


 Jon is a highly experienced teacher with 29 years experience in secondary education. He is currently Head of Geography as well as an examiner for Edexcel, AQA and CIE at GCSE, O` Level/A Level Geography. He has marked the new specifications for AQA and Edexcel both at GCSE and A level. He is a team leader for examiners on the A level papers for AQA and Edexcel.He has completed a huge amount of work on the new NEA coursework at A level for both students and teachers. 


Jon has many years experience of tutoring students in exam busting sessions across the state and private sector with an excellent degree of success. He has covered exam boards such as AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE and Eduqasand can offer 1:1 tutoring or small group sessions. Sessions can range from teaching topics to detailed exam practice.He also is able to give feedback or for you send questions by e-mail.



Maths Tutors


Maths, History and Politics

Maths, History and Politics - University College Utrecht 


Pierre is currently a Bachelor's student at the University College Utrecht in the Netherlands doing a Liberal Arts degree and specialising in Maths, History and Politics. He is interested in giving tutoring lessons to children from a variety of ages, skillsets and backgrounds in subjects ranging from Maths, English, History, Politics and French. Given his international background and my upbringing in London, he has been exposed to a variety of people, cultures and education systems which has equipped him with the necessary teaching skills and people skills to succeed at tutoring. He is extremely keen to work with you and share his passion for teaching with his tutees.



Physics Tutors


Maths & Physics

University of Cambridge 


Toby is an experienced tutor, with over 5 years of teaching GCSE and A-level Maths and Physics, as well as helping students study for University admissions tests (MAT/PAT/STEP/Interview prep). He has worked with students of a range of abilities, helping students achieve their foundation Maths GCSE for college, or working with already very mathematically minded students to help them achieve the highest grades and apply to top universities. He is currently applying for PhD positions, where his area of research is supernovae and computational astrophysics, and would be more than happy to tutor for an extended essay or general research/writing skills in physics.


Toby is reliable, personable, and aims to meet every student's individual learning needs to give them a robust and powerful toolkit to study physics with



NEW AI picture


11+, UCAT and Science

Maths, English and Sciences - University of Manchester


Pegin is an expert tutor in his field and he possesses qualities that set him apart whilst employing a personalised teaching style that goes beyond conventional methods. He engages his students in thought-provoking discussions, encouraging them to ask questions and explore beyond the syllabus. Apart from teaching science and maths, Pegin is also a current final year medical student at the University of Manchester, soon to graduate as a doctor, and is also a successful medical school entrance exam tutor. He has always believed in the potential of every student, regardless of their initial struggles. One particular experience stands out vividly, a heartening journey of helping a struggling student elevate their maths academic performance from a C grade to a remarkable A grade.



Ready to talk with us?



English, Latin, Spanish & Singing

Hispanic Studies – University of Warwick

Caitlin is a passionate linguist who loves engaging with language and loves to share this passion with others.

She studied a wide variety of topics relating to the Hispanic world, including literature, politics, history and, primarily, language, all of which are relevant for GCSE and

A-level Spanish and Latin. Caitlin also has experience teaching English and singing. She truly is a talented linguist whom you can trust as your tutor.

She has basic knowledge of other European languages, such as Italian and Ancient Greek, as well as Latin up to A-level standard, she believes, has been foundational in her understanding of language today.

Sessions will be offered for all stages of English, Latin and Spanish up to A-level, as well as singing . Caitlin wants to equip students with tools and techniques to assist them in their informal assessments, give them a deeper understanding of the rules and application of grammar, and to encourage students along the way that they are capable! She has a track record of assisting students to achieve higher than predicted grades and results in 11plus exams.

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