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How to pass your 11+

Every year, thousands of families prepare for 11+ entry. Schools insist that minimal extra preparation is required. However, countless literature, tutoring companies and online learning platforms suggest otherwise. This stage of a student's journey can induce stress for the whole family. So, what is the right balance to strike as you prepare for the big day?

At Oakley Tutors, we have overseen many successful entries into London’s best schools. One common denominator of successful applications is that families strongly encourage their children to put in the extra work. This may be through extra tuition or through use of literature and online learning platforms. In turn, these students have shown a desire to excel and compete for the places on offer. In other words, there is no substitute for hard work and determination.

Beyond the hard work there are some other things to consider. Firstly, not everything your child is expected to know is being taught in schools. For example, the North London Consortium have recently decided their pretest will be online and will consistently include verbal and non verbal reasoning. Students are not typically shown these types of questions in the classroom.

In addition to this, there are topics within English and Maths that students should become more adept with; algebra is one, persuasive writing is another. Specifically, we have found that understanding simultaneous equations can be a great tool for some problem solving questions at this level of testing.

Our advice is to start working towards the 11+ as early as possible. Students can start working through exercise books regularly. These should include English and Maths books but also verbal and non verbal exercises. There are good resources available which are tiered according to age group. If you find the level your child is working at is too easy, then make sure you raise the level of book they are doing.

Oakley Tutors is suitably located in Hampstead (NW3). We have scope to make regular weekly visits to your home and can also conduct successful online lessons, if you desire. We have experience getting students over the line academically and can also provide interview practice and tips. This summer, we are running 11+ summer courses locally. We would love to have you join us for these weeks but do feel free to get in touch as we can cater to your needs. Our services include all things 11+ and much more. Check out our website for more information.

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