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Qualified teachers bringing you home tuition

Playing Piano

'I understand!' are the words we live for.
We all started our journey into education because making a difference in our students lives is rewarding. 
As former teachers we understand the importance and challenges that children face in the education system, and we are passionate about seeing all our students reach the goals they desire.  Their success is our success. 

Introducing the Oakley Tutors' team...

John Cairns (6 of 16).jpg



Biochemistry - University of York

PGCE - University of Nottingham


John has a passion for communicating the complexities of science simply and coherently.


John started his teaching career in Oxford where he taught at two secondary schools for over ten years.  John has taught all secondary age groups and covered all the major exam boards. John teaches all Sciences at KS3, Biology and Chemistry to GCSE, and A-level Biology. 


John is a firm believer in developing student understanding, rather than just learning facts by rote and he is confident that he can explain most things to most people. Even after years of teaching he still enjoys those moments when a student understands something properly for the first time.

English Tutor London.jpg


Politics, Maths, English and Piano

Politics - University of Newcastle

Teach First - London


William is an experienced tutor who loves seeing students flourish.


Having graduated in 2013 from Newcastle University, he spent time working for a London based charity for two years. Williams' experience working with a youth group in Fulham has enabled him to work with young people successfully, he is very able in helping students to grow as individuals. 


William is an experienced musician who performs regularly and has achieved regular success across multiple instruments. 


He also can teach Politics (degree level), Maths & English (GCSE and below), basic French, Music (all levels) and Squash. William is incredibly reliable, encouraging, enthusiastic and gets great results when working in any context. 

Common Entrance Tutor.jpg


Common Entrance Expert

Politics and History of Architecture - Newcastle University


Dominic has a 100% pass rate on common entrance over a 6 year period.  Educated at Eton College, Dominic has first hand experience of the requirements for England’s most prestigious schools.


Dominic feels extremely privileged to have the opportunity to sculpt and help both a child's academic journey and, of equal importance, their walk through the bumps and bends of childhood and all things extra-curricular. These are different ingredients which complement each other tremendously. 


Dominic is good with children and he loves working with families. Dominic is very experienced at preparing children for exams and making the “dreaded revision” both fun and effective. Dominic’s is a very competent sportsman and skillful artist, believing that non-academic responsibilities can have a large positive impact on academic endeavours. 



English and French

Master’s in English Literature - Oxford University 

BA in English Literature and French - Oxford University

Julia has over 14 years experience tutoring students in a wide variety of contexts. With a First Class undergraduate degree in English and French and a Master’s with Distinction from Oxford University, she is passionate about imparting a genuine love of learning to her students. 


She is knowledgeable and experienced in helping students across a wide spectrum of ages and ability ranges. She also loves working with the academically gifted and providing a context in which they can be safely stretched and allowed to ‘colour outside the lines’. 


Her tutoring approach is highly bespoke, encouraging overall mental and emotional development alongside immediate academic success. Her track record of helping students to achieve excellence in her exams is outstanding and she has also developed highly rewarding longstanding rapports with many of her students. 


Outside of tutoring, Julia loves writing (mainly novel-writing and poetry), community work, international travel, painting, piano and anything remotely outdoorsy! 



Geography and Business Studies

Geography - St Marys

PGCE - St Mary's University College 


Lewis has a positive outlook on learning and caters for a variety of needs and abilities from KS3-KS5. Working in schools now for 8 years he has gained a range of techniques to get the most from students to make sure they meet their full potential in exams. He tutors online and face to face.


Lewis is head of department at his current school and is well respected among his peers and students alike. He also tutors regularly. All of this has meant Lewis knows how to get the best out of his students.



Philosophy and Ethics Tutor.jpg


Maths, Philosophy & Ethics

PGCE - University of Plymouth


Dale has been teaching for over 20 years for all ages, and he now resides as a resident chaplain and teacher at a private school.


Dale has marked for all the examination boards but most of his work has been for OCR where he marks the A2 level ethics paper. He has tutored privately for both GCSE and A level with good success. Dale's experience of teaching and knowledge of what examination boards expect at both GCSE and A level make him well versed in what students need to understand. 


Essay writing is one of the biggest requirements in exams and Dale looks to aid his students to master the writing techniques needed to excel. Not only that, he thoroughly enjoys passing on his enthusiasm to his students.



Singing & Music

ABRSM Singing Diploma; Composition & Performance Diploma: Distinction; ABRSM Grade 7 Piano: Merit


 Annabel is an experienced and technically excellent musician.


Annabel began her singing journey with an incredible Trinity College-trained teacher. Her introduction to singing was of the highest standard so she is able to grow and build your voice in the best way. She was very fortunate to have been taught by one of the piano staff from the Royal Welsh College of Music. Annabel therefore has a superb understanding of practice techniques and self-development. 


 She has been trained by tutors at the Royal Academy of Music in a range of styles from Classical, Jazz, Soul, Opera and Pop. Annabel is a diligent, engaging and enthusiastic teacher, seeking to give inspiration, confidence as well as understanding. Whether you are learning grades or not, she is keen to help you reach your goals. Anabel regularly performs across the U.K and Europe in addition to writing music for film. 


You can read more about Annabel's experience here.

Mr  MuntazirDatoo.jpg



Human Biology and Statistics - University of Hertfordshire

PGCE - University of London

Monty has been a Senior Leader / Teacher in various schools with over twenty years of experience in leading educational establishments (IB and British curricula).


He is an active Council of International Schools Evaluator helping schools all over the world achieve their varied accreditation goals. He uses his experience in education to partake quality learning programs suited to the needs of students in a rapidly changing global environment.


After a rewarding career in international education, he has returned back to the UK hoping to use his experience and skills to enhance student learning and enrich their educational journey.

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Hispanic Studies – University of Warwick

Caitlin is a passionate linguist who loves engaging with Spanish speakers and loves to share this passion with others.

As a final year student herself, she studies a wide variety of topics relating to the Hispanic world, including literature, politics, history and, primarily, language, all of which are relevant for GCSE and

A-level Spanish. Having spent the last year living in Seville, Spain, she has a fresh and first-hand experience of both Spanish culture and how the Spanish language is employed outside of the classroom.

Her basic knowledge of other European languages, such as Italian and Ancient Greek, as well as Latin up to A-level standard, she believes, has been foundational in her understanding of Spanish today.

Sessions will be offered for all stages of Spanish up to A-level. Caitlin wants to equip students with tools and techniques to assist them in their informal assessments, give them a deeper understanding of the rules and application of grammar, and to encourage students along the way that they are capable! She has a track record of assisting students to achieve higher than predicted grades.



Science and Geography

Geology - University of Athens

Sergio is a highly-driven professional with diverse skills in the educational field of geography and considerable experience in teaching and leading secondary school and college students in GSCE & A-Level exams in the UK and abroad (Greece). He has more than 9 years of teaching experience, and he is specialised in geography teaching. His teaching experience includes, but is not limited to: Science, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, SEN & Primary teaching. 

At his most recent role as a Geography Teacher, Sergio was assigned to a number of duties across different sections in the school with roles varying from teaching KS3 to A-Levels student, assisting classroom teaching assistants, supervising the progress of students and helping towards their academic development. 

Sergio has trained in teaching as part of his B.Sc. studies in Geology and Geoenvironment and his M.Ed. studies in Environmental Education. He has graduated with distinction. In 2014, Sergio was awarded with QTS from the BDfE. In addition, he is a qualified teacher in Greece. 





English - University of Surrey

Amy is a fully qualified English secondary school teacher. Since qualifying, she has been teaching full-time in secondary schools for seven years, now with a TLR (Teaching and Learning Responsibility) for Literacy. She has also held the role of Deputy Head of English, but following her maternity leave (April 2021-April 2022), she returned to work part-time. She has taught a wide range of abilities so has a solid understanding of how to make English accessible for all. She is available to tutor during the school holidays, if required.


Amy has taught both boys and girls and thoroughly enjoys teaching; and is a firm believer that tuition should be enjoyable, as well as academically beneficial. Amy provides targeted and helpful feedback to ensure progression in English. One thing is for sure, with Amy you will have a dedicated tutor whom is committed to boosting students' confidence in English Language and/or Literature, will build good relationships and ultimately, will give students the skills they need to attain outstanding results. Amy is  only offering online tuition at present.



Business and Economics

Economics – Kings College

Rengoni is a highly skilled and motivated tutor. Rengoni has a strong academic track record, both personally and for her students. She has taught a range of subjects but she really specialises in Economics and Business studies up to and including A-level.

Rengoni has been involved in homeschooling projects and has even assisted other practitioners develop their subject knowledge. 


She wants to equip students with tools and techniques to assist them in their formal assessments, give them a deeper understanding of the rules and application of systems, and to encourage students along the way that they are capable! She has a track record of assisting students to achieve higher than predicted grades.

Coding Teacher.jpg


Coding and Computing

PGCE – Sussex University

Ruth has been a Head of ICT/Computing and AST (Advanced Skills Teacher) at a secondary school in South London and is the founder of She went part-time a few years ago to pursue various endeavours and the setting up of her own business – which has a global membership of over 2300+ schools. This was followed by the launch of the hugely popular and  was launched in 2019. Ruth still teaches Computer Science and programming at primary to advanced levels (at a secondary school in the South East) and is also a tutor for Oakley tutors.


Ruth is an acutely talented practitioner who can help your child prepare for life in 21st century. Many future jobs will be tech based and Ruth understands this field in such a way to equip your child to do the same.

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