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Home Schooling


Home schooling can be a popular choice for a variety of reasons.


It may be that a family realises that accelerated academic progress is well suited to their children. Remarkable progress can be made in one to one tuition sessions which can mean accelerated exam entries. We have worked with 13 year olds who have achieved Grade 8/9 in 8 or more GCSE's. This allows for students to aim for A-level grades of the highest level in at least four subjects.


Others choose home schooling because the family has many properties and travels a lot. We can make provisions to teach online or have a discussion around tutors joining families on their travels. 


It may be that your family are not pleased with how the school system operates and would prefer homeschooling. Schools often struggle to cater to individuals needs and often don't pitch lessons as challenging enough.


Whatever your reason, get in touch and we will try to accommodate your needs.

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